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We’ve been serving the Long Beach CA area and the Greater Los Angeles & Orange County area for over 10 years. Our technicians specialize in expert auto glass repair and replacement as well as window tinting . We are the premier auto glass company in Southern California.

At Long Beach Car Glass, we carry name brand, original auto glass materials from companies such as Carlite, LOF, Lynx, Burco, PPG and other top brands at great prices to meet your needs. We offer great low pricing, top customer service and friendly technicians that come to your home or office completely free of charge. We are the premier windshield replacement for the Los Angeles County and the greater Orange County area. Free estimates are available. Call us today at 562-912-5330

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The danger of leaving your car unguarded is also related to sun’s ultra violets. UV’s are cancer causing agents that the sun emits. Think of all the driving you do in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles and throughout the LA and OC county that your face, arms and neck are all exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. You can do something about it. Tint your windows and see the difference in your vehicle’s interior temperature.

Call our professionals and we’ll tell you how you can protect your auto window tinting. We come out to you completely free of charge. We provide free mobile auto glass.

Call for a free estimate today. Our skilled glass operators are standing by to take your call 7 days per week.

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Getting window tinting service in the Long Beach CA area should be an absolute must for nearly everyone living in Southern California. Being that Long Beach is about 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it’s amazing the UV difference and the heat index. Your car, truck or SUV’s interior is taking a beating every time it’s left under the hot California sun. You must protect your leather and the temperature from the heat. An easy way to do this is to tint your car, truck, SUV or boat. It can provide you with up to 15-20 degrees cooler interior. Think about how much of a difference that would make when it’s 100 degrees on the inside of a non-tinted car.

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